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Nick Suzuki visits Bombardier

Canadiens captain Nick Suzuki now spends his summers in Quebec, and he really seems to enjoy it! This allows him to attend a number of events where he’s welcomed like royalty.

This time, number 14 was invited to visit the Bombardier aircraft manufacturing company.

The company posted a video summarizing his day on Facebook on Saturday.

It’s a great publicity stunt for Bombardier, but also a great idea to keep employees happy. My hat’s off to the boss for giving several of his company’s employees a fun-filled day.

The employees seemed very happy, and there were a lot of Canadiens fans in the place.

Much to the employees’ delight, Nick Suzuki signed autographs, took photos and chatted with them. He even took the time to give them a speech on the art of being a good leader.

Suzuki knows what he’s talking about: he himself needs to be an excellent leader to run an NHL team.

In addition to signing autographs, Suzuki also demonstrated the extent of his field hockey talent. In the video shared by Bombardier, you can see him shoot targets into a goal and even try out a few fancy techniques for everyone’s amusement.

Employees even tried to beat him at the in-goal target challenge. But I’d be surprised if they could beat him!

Suzuki ended his day with a tour of the Global 7500, an extremely luxurious business jet. He seems to have appreciated the aircraft’s luxury, but I doubt he could afford it even with his superb $7.875 million contract.

The Canadiens’ captain became an airplane captain for a moment, as we see him at the controls of the plane. Of course, he didn’t fly the plane in the air – there are limits!

Nick Suzuki knows how to be a crowd favorite, and attending year-round events in Montreal helps him boost his popularity.

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