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Lane Hutson dominates at Team USA summer camp

Lane Hutson is simply impressive, to the point where it no longer takes us by surprise. This time, he demonstrated the full extent of his talent at the U.S. Junior Team’s summer camp in preparation for the World Junior Championship.

The U.S. divided its players into two teams. Jacob Fowler played with the Blues, while Lane Hutson played with the Whites.

It didn’t go so well for Fowler and the Blues, but Hutson showed great skill in his team’s defeat. The Whites faced Finland.

The Americans lost 4-2, but Hutson picked up an assist on the very first goal of the game.

Hutson picked up his assist setting up Rutger McGroarty’s first-period goal.

As’s Adam Kimelman reports, Lane Hutson showed he’s got talent, but more importantly he showed he’s capable of playing with hustle throughout a game.

He goes on to explain that Lane Hutson “leads in the category of spectacular 60-minute plays”.

That’s a funny way of saying that he’s impressive to watch and plays not only efficiently, but spectacularly.

Fans think the same as Kimelman.

We can’t wait to see Lane Hutson in his red-white-and-blue uniform!


– A golden man.

– A true legend.

– The Canadian has some catching up to do.

– Quite surprising.

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