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Alexander Wennberg’s wife fed up with women sexually harassing her husband

It’s no secret. Field hockey players have always had great success with girls. If you go to an U18 AAA game, you can easily spot dozens of young girls who come to see the “handsome players” and not the game.

Some girls, however, take it a step further and harass the field hockey players. This is what happened in the case of Kraken player Alexander Wennberg.

His wife has had enough of women crossing the line with her husband and posted a message in a story on her Instagram account.

In these lengthy texts, Wennberg’s wife Felicia complains that women take jokes about her husband’s looks a step further. Let’s face it, Alex Wennberg looks great, and that attracts a lot of girls. Felicia understands this, but points to the incessant harassment about Alex on the TikTok app.

In fact, several videos of Alex Wennberg circulate on TikTok with many comments from girls who say they find him sexy and attractive, but Felicia has demonstrated a few examples that go too far.

The comment that stood out the most was from a girl who said that Wennberg and his teammates could “take care of his three holes”. That’s really disgusting.

The girl targeted by the text writes fantasy texts inspired by Alexander Wennberg in a very sexual way. I can understand why his wife isn’t happy about the situation.

Several women countered by saying that they have the right to fantasize about a field hockey player, but many others came to the defense of the player’s wife in question.

The story got so far that women insulted Felicia on her Instagram account, commenting nonsense under photos of her with Alex or even with their young child.

The Kraken player couldn’t take it anymore and decided to comment on the situation by also posting a story on his Instagram account.

He explains that he’s been trained his whole life to handle intense situations in the media and that he shouldn’t talk, but that he owes it to himself to stand up for his wife in this situation.

He asks people to respect his family and stop insulting them. He doesn’t want his child to grow up seeing all the trouble a situation like this can cause. Sexual harassment has gone too far.

Despite this, several women continue to insult Felicia and the situation seems far from over.

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