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Tony DeAngelo: it was John Tortorella who drove him out of Philadelphia

Tony DeAngelo’s case was finally settled earlier this week.

On Monday, the defenseman agreed to terms on a one-year contract with the Hurricanes, which will pay him $1.6 million for the 2023-2024 season.

The American found himself free as a bird after being placed on the unconditional ballot by the Philadelphia Flyers, who subsequently bought out his contract.

We wondered why the Flyers had come to such a decision, because just a few days earlier, there was talk of a possible transaction between the team and the Hurricanes.

That said, DeAngelo opened up about the reasons that led to his departure from Philly… And the answer he gave isn’t exactly surprising.

In fact, it’s simple. The mix between DeAngelo and John Tortorella simply didn’t work.

We are, after all, talking about two hot-headed characters. It would have been hard to believe, in the first place, that the two men would have gotten along superbly with what we know of their respective personalities:

The offensive defenseman, who says he’s happy to be back in Carolina, will be reunited with Rod Brind’Amour as head coach.

The two men had a great relationship and DeAngelo, even though he was booed in the first few games he wore a Hurricanes uniform, managed to charm the organization’s fans.

He may not have been a crowd favorite during his time there, but he wasn’t necessarily hated either.

In Philly, the relationship with the fans was rather difficult because Flyers fans are particularly intense.

But hey. That’s all behind him now, and he knows what to expect in Carolina.

The Hurricanes pulled off a steal by signing him on the cheap. DeAngelo may not be the most popular guy around the league… but on the ice, he’s an exciting player to watch.

DeAngelo has such interesting offensive qualities and it’s a shame because he’s seen as, like, a bad guy. I’m not excusing his behavior or the racist gestures he’s made in recent years… But the fact remains the same.

Tony DeAngelo is a field hockey player. There’s a reason he has two 50-point seasons and another 40-point season in four years…

Everyone knows what’s wrong with him, though.

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