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Georges Laraque, in his opinion, is still the best brawler in the NHL today
Good old Georges.

I was listening to the latest episode of Tony Marinaro’s podcast, where he welcomes Georges Laraque as a guest.

As usual, it’s a great listen because both guys are intense and (really) unafraid to show their emotions…

And here, at a certain point, Georges made me laugh. Georges made me laugh because he said out loud that he could fight any NHL player tomorrow morning, and that there’d be no problem with him winning his fights.

I could take anyone down in the NHL with one hand behind my back. – Georges Laraque

I invite you to “skipper” at the 17th or 18th minute of the following segment. It’s a real treat, because Tony Marinaro’s reactions are worth their weight in gold:

I laughed mostly because of the way he said it, because we agree on one thing.

I will never, ever doubt Georges Laraque’s abilities.

Let’s just say he’s probably the last person I’d ever want to face in a fight… And let’s just say that if I did, I’d eat one. Hehe.

I really wonder whether Georges can really hold his own against today’s top pugilists. The fights are less frequent and the guys are maybe a little less tough than they used to be, sure… But it’s been almost 15 years since he’s fought in the NHL.

I imagine he’d be a little rusty.

The discussion is also interesting when Georges says he “challenged” Ryan Reaves recently in Nashville… And Reaves told him it would probably be a good fight.

This tells me that today’s players have a deep respect for Georges Laraque… And that goes without saying, we agree.

I’d pay good money to see him throw down the gloves with any NHL player, and I’d be really curious to see the result.

Now, if he’s able to give Michael Pezzetta a lesson, and if he’s able to shake him up properly so that he’s ready to take on Ryan Reaves, Milan Lucic and Bokondji Imama, all of whom are in the CH division…

I’m thinking he’s still in shape, El Big Georges.

In gusto

– Wow. Taking a step back…

– He will earn $3M per year.

– My goodness.

– Interesting fact about CF Montreal:

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