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Erik Karlsson confirms talks with Toronto Maple Leafs
Credit: Trading a guy like Erik Karlsson at his peak pays dividends.
For several months now, the Erik Karlsson issue has been raging throughout the National Hockey League.

Several teams are interested in the services of the most recent recipient of the Norris Trophy awarded to the NHL’s best defenseman of the season.

What makes a potential deal very complicated, however, is Karlsson’s contract.

The Sharks’ number 65 may want to leave San Jose as soon as possible, but his contract is getting in the way.

Karlsson is currently pocketing $11.5 million a year for four more seasons.

That’s an enormous amount of money per year, and that’s what makes a potential transaction difficult, as there are very few teams that can afford to add such a salary to their payroll.

Obviously, several contracts would have to go the opposite way to Karlsson for a deal to be possible.

Despite all this, there are still several teams in the running for the Sharks’ defenseman.

In fact, Karlsson himself has confirmed that he has held discussions with a number of teams, including the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Indeed, after winning the Golden Puck awarded to Sweden’s best player of the season, Karlsson spoke about his future.

What’s clear is that Karlsson wants to give himself the best chance of joining the best team possible.

He wants to win, which is only natural.

The Sharks defenseman went on to confirm that he had spoken to the Toronto Maple Leafs, Pittsburgh Penguins, Carolina Hurricanes, Seattle Kraken and other teams.

As for the Hurricanes and Penguins, we already knew they were in the running.

In the case of the Leafs, we’ve heard about them, but the fact that Karlsson names them as a team with whom he’s had discussions shows that the Leafs are potentially still on the case.

A recent rumour suggested that William Nylander might head to San Jose in return for Erik Karlsson.

In short, while the Penguins and Hurricanes seem to be in the lead, the Leafs can’t be overlooked as a clear winner.

Karlsson wants to join a competitive team, and that’s what the Leafs are.

And that’s what the Leafs are. I said a competitive team, not a team aspiring to greatness.

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