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Marinaro: If Michkov becomes a star, the CH is better off winning a Cup with Reinbacher

Tony Marinaro is never afraid to give his opinion, and his latest concerns the CH’s latest first-round pick David Reinbacher and the Flyers’ Matvei Michkov.

In a discussion with The Gazette’s Brendan Kelly, he talked about Michkov’s possible cap hit, and how the CH could bite the bullet.

According to him, even if Reinbacher becomes a #1 defenseman with the Tricolore, he’ll have to win a cup with Montreal to compensate if Michkov scores 50 goals a year.

That’s a pretty strong sentence, and it’s important to break it down.

Obviously, both scenarios have to come true. Michkov will have to adapt to the North American circuit and produce for a team that will have to show him off.

Reinbacher, for his part, will have to complete his growth and learn to control his body properly in order to determine his potential.

Should Marinaro’s scenario come to fruition, I don’t think the CH will be the loser of this draft.

With a number 1 defenseman of his stature, Montreal would be well stabilized for a long time to come. As we’ve seen this year, it takes a good defensive brigade to go all the way. And high-caliber defensemen are hard to find on the free-agent market.

Conversely, it’s easier to find a forward capable of filling the net in the same market.

There’s also the progression of current forwards, which could pay off in the years to come. Caufield, Suzuki and Dach haven’t finished their progression yet.

The point is that it would be possible for the CH to fill the majority of Michkov’s possible offensive contribution, while number 1 defensemen are hard to find and hard to acquire.

In brief

– It begins.

– And so it begins.

– Ouch.

– Stupid.

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