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Nate Thompson feels privileged to have worn the CH jersey
Credit: Nate Thompson is always one of the best in the face-off circle.
Nate Thompson has decided to move on to another chapter in his life. At the age of 38, and having toured the NHL, his next mission will be that of a father, as he has announced his retirement.

A number of teams and former team-mates were keen to pay tribute to him, who was appreciated wherever he went. I’ve never heard a negative comment about him.

Montreal is no exception, as he served as a role model for Nick Suzuki in particular. The current CH captain began his career on the 4th trio with Thompson, for those who may have forgotten.

In an interview with La Presse, the young retiree opened up about his time in Montreal and the city in which he “immersed” himself.

“It’s been a privilege to wear this uniform.” – Nate Thompson

Thompson also talked about Martin St-Louis, whom he worked with when he first started his career. He remembers being impressed, and feels he had a big influence on his career.

He says he learned like a sponge from the attitude of the veterans, including St-Louis, and that’s how he was able to become a role model for the younger players afterwards.

The new retiree knew it was the end when it came time to return to training to play field hockey. He still loves the training room just as much as ever, but no longer as a field hockey player.

Thompson played almost 1,000 games in the NHL, not bad for a player whose entire career was in doubt. He’s a fine example of perseverance.

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