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Magic Johnson would like to own an NHL team
Basketball legend Magic Johnson would one day like to own an NHL team. It would add another arrow to his bow, as he already owns shares in several professional teams.

This is what he revealed to CBS in an exclusive interview on Friday.

When asked about the possibility of buying an NHL team in the future, Magic responded positively.

“I’ll definitely think about it. It’s important for me to break down barriers and break down doors. As a proud black person, it brings tears to my eyes.” – Magic Johnson

It’s important to understand that if he becomes the owner of a team on the Bettman circuit, Magic would become the very first black owner in the league’s history. Unheard of!

Of course, anyone can throw ideas up in the air, and that doesn’t mean they’ll happen, but the basketball legend already has an extensive portfolio as a sports team owner.

He already owns shares in the Dodgers in the MLB, Los Angeles FC in the MLS and the Sparks in the WNBA. These are all Los Angeles-based teams. Maybe Kings owner Philip Anschutz will sell him the team one day!

But Magic Johnson isn’t limited to Los Angeles. He recently joined the team that acquired the Washington Commanders in the NFL. That leaves only the NHL and NBA for him to own a team in each of North America’s major leagues.

Johnson’s personal fortune is estimated at $602 million. That’s a lot, but not nearly enough to buy an NHL team, which costs upwards of a billion dollars. By joining an investment group, as he has done with all the teams he owns shares in, he’s sure he’ll be able to acquire an NHL team.

However, the Senators have already been sold. It remains to be seen when a team will be sold, or if another expansion team will emerge.

In any case, many teams probably like his way of thinking.

He recently explained that he’s not an owner for ego, but because he wants to win.

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– He could, however, arrive as a backup during the game.

– That’s a lot of money.

– It’s amazing to watch!

– It looks like the end for MbappĂ© at PSG.

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