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Arber Xhekaj was at the hairdresser’s when his brother was rescued.

It’s quite rare to be caught up in excitement while sitting in the barber’s chair at the hairdresser’s. But that’s what happened to Arber Xhekaj on June 29. He learned that his brother, Florian, had been drafted by the Canadiens while getting his hair cut.

That’s what he told Daily Faceoff.

Arber explains that he was at the hairdresser’s and asked the staff to put the NHL draft on TV. At some point, there was a commercial break. As soon as Arber returned from the break, he was surprised to see that his brother had been drafted by the CH.

He then jumped out of his chair and tossed his briefcase in the air, so excited was he by the news.

Understandably, his brother had just been drafted by the organization where he currently plays. It was also a source of pride, because he himself had never been drafted in the NHL. It was a goal accomplished by the Xhekaj family.

Meanwhile, Florian was working out in a gym with his Hamilton Bulldogs teammates. One of his coaches was monitoring the draft on his laptop.

Suddenly, his phone rang: it was his agent. He told him the good news: he had been drafted by the Canadiens in the fourth round.

Let’s be honest, training must have taken over pretty quickly. It’s hard to concentrate on such good news. What’s even more exciting for Florian is that he hadn’t been drafted in 2022 in his first year of eligibility. The surprise was therefore very intense.

Florian Xhekaj still has a lot to prove, but if he follows in his brother’s footsteps, he’ll succeed in making a name for himself with the Habs. He will continue his apprenticeship with the Bulldogs in the OHL during the 2023-24 season.

Last year, Florian collected 25 points in 68 OHL games. These are not impressive statistics, but it was only his first season in the OHL.

He’s a player who has heart and isn’t afraid to play physical. He’s exactly the kind of player who becomes a crowd favorite in Montreal.

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