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Owen Beck: advanced stats show he’s close to the NHL

Owen Beck wowed the crowd at the Montreal Canadiens’ last training camp.

His intelligent play on the ice earned him his first professional contract. It also allowed him to play an NHL game in the 2022-2023 season, when the Habs called him up for one game due to numerous injuries.

When we talk about him, we’re mostly wondering where he’ll be playing next year. For Beck, it’s either the NHL or junior, since he’s not yet eligible to play in the AHL.

Marc Dumont (Montreal Hockey Now) explained it well in a recent article.Any player drafted in development in the CHL (aged 18 or 19) and signed to an entry-level contract cannot be assigned to the AHL .

That said, you have to ask yourself what’s best for your progression.

Last season’s advanced statistics show that he may have what it takes to make the leap to the big leagues, and although he struggled offensively following the deal that sent him to Peterborough, he still excels offensively.

Few players can boast an overall score as high as his:

All right.

That’s all well and good, stats and advanced stats… But it’s not the only thing you need to rely on to know what’s in store for him next year.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: whether in the NHL or the CHL, the most important thing for the CH is that it continues to develop properly. If the CH feels that playing in the National League next year is in its favour, it could start the year with the big boys .

The organization will have to assess whether Owen Beck still has things to learn in junior, and what the best environment is for him in 2023-2024.

But would it hurt him to return to the OHL for another year? That’s the question we have to ask ourselves. After all, there’s no hurry on the CH side, and next year is likely to be as difficult as 2022-2023.

Unless Beck destroys everything in his path at the team’s next training camp, I personally see him starting the season with the Petes. Nothing’s impossible, though…

But I don’t see why the organization would decide to rush things in his case, even if he is ready to play in the NHL in the eyes of some.

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