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Several NHL clubs are still without a captain for next season
The role of captain is an important one in the National League.

Usually, the “C” is embroidered on the jersey of the player who leads his team by his leadership qualities. Some players are more vocal, while others set the example with their presence on the ice.

But the important thing is whether the team captain has what it takes to propel his teammates to the next level. In Montreal, that’s why Nick Suzuki was chosen, even though there were other interesting candidates for the position at this time last year (Edmundson, Savard, Gallagher):

That said, there’s a somewhat peculiar situation in the NHL at the moment, when nine teams in the league don’t have a captain signed ahead of next season.

Habsolument Fan’s Cimon Asselin has put together a piece in which we realize that the Ducks, Coyotes, Bruins, Flames, Blackhawks, Flyers, Kraken, Canucks and Jets are all currently looking for a captain.

The Bruins could be left out of the picture if Patrice Bergeron decides to return to town.

The Canucks, Hawks and Jets, meanwhile, have “lost” the services of Bo Horvat, Jonathan Toews and Blake Wheeler in the past year…

While the Coyotes, Ducks, Flyers and Kraken began last season without a captain. Will the trend change this year?

It’s a bit hard to say, given that these are relatively young clubs. The guys may not yet be ready to take on such a role in their development, and instead of appointing a captain “just to have one”, these teams decide to wait for the best opportunity to do so.

I respect that.

Because the captain’s role also comes with added pressure. Again, he’s the undisputed leader of the club, and if he can’t face the music, generally…

That’s reflected in the team’s success on the ice.

In a nutshell.

In Arizona, I can’t see anyone filling the role at the moment. Same thing in Anaheim, Seattle, Philly and Chicago…

In Calgary, does a guy like Nazem Kadri have what it takes to become the team captain?

In Vancouver, I think it’s only a matter of time before Elias Pettersson is given the role. In Winnipeg, I think Kyle Connor has what it takes to wear the “C” on his sweater.

But for the other clubs named above… I think we’ll have to wait and see who their next captain will be.

In brief

– There will be some nice pieces available next summer. And, Kent Hughes should have room under the payroll to manoeuvre as he pleases.

– I’d forgotten about him.

– It must be special, scoring a goal against Patrick Roy.

– Reilly Smith returns to Vegas on January 20.

– The Jays add depth to their lineup.

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