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When Aaron Rodgers seeks advice from… Joe Pavelski
A few weeks ago in the NFL, all eyes were on Aaron Rodgers.

We knew there was a good chance the 39-year-old star quarterback would leave the Packers after 17 years in Green Bay. He finally chose the Jets as a free agent, and will now spend the next few years of his career in the Big Apple.

But the decision to leave his old loves was not an easy one. After all, a good part of his life was spent in Green Bay, and the Packers welcomed him when he was just 22…

And it can be difficult for any athlete or human being to go “make a new life” elsewhere.

To help himself, the Jets’ new QB sought advice from some of his athlete friends, who also decided to leave their respective organizations after several years… And of the lot, there’s Joe Pavelski.

The latter, it should be remembered, signed a contract with the Dallas Stars during the 2019 autonomy market and, in so doing, left the Sharks franchise after 14 seasons in San Jose.

And since the two men are good friends, Pavelski played a role in Rodgers’ decision. New York Jets fans have him to thank today, hehe.

I always love to see athletes helping each other in some way. It’s refreshing to me because deep down, they all respect each other.

For Joe Pavelski, signing in Dallas has been good for him in recent years. Since he left San Jose, the Sharks have missed the playoffs every year…

And in Dallas, the veteran had the opportunity to play in the Stanley Cup Final (2019-2020) and the Western Conference Final last season.

Will Rodgers enjoy the same success in the coming years in New York, having signed a three-year contract with the Jets?

If not…

I imagine he’ll be able to console himself with the fact that the deal netted him $150,815,000. That’s money, and let’s just say I’m nowhere near that amount in my bank account. I’d like that, you understand.

In bursts

– This would be a coup for CF Montreal.

– Why not?

That’s it.

– Notice to interested parties:

– A great feat awaits Auston Matthews next season.

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