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Rumor: Connor Hellebuyck won’t necessarily be traded this summer
As you know, the Winnipeg Jets have been in a tough spot over the past few months. After all, Pierre-Luc Dubois (RFA one year away), Connor Hellebuyck (one year away) and Mark Scheifele (also one year away) all wanted out.

As of today, the Jets have managed to part with just one player, Pierre-Luc Dubois. But I have a feeling you already knew that.

Now that Dubois is in Los Angeles, there are two players left at the end of their contract. Clearly, the Winnipeg club’s GM wasn’t in a position to trade them… or didn’t want to. After all, we know the club doesn’t want to rebuild.

As far as I’m concerned, under these conditions, it’s a case of sticking your head in the sand, but hey: that’s the Jets’ plan all the same.

All this to say that the Jets may have a hard time trading their guys now. I’m not saying it’s impossible, far from it, but normally, by this point in the summer, the big moves have been made across the NHL.

On this subject, Elliotte Friedman believes that there is a world in which Hellebuyck could start next season in Manitoba. That’s what he reported on NHL Network after chatting to a few people.

What I’m wondering, at this point, is whether this means the player will manage to get traded in the middle of the season, or whether he’ll finish his contract in Winnipeg.

It’s becoming more and more logical/possible, really.

Let’s assume that he won’t be traded – for the sake of argument. Can the club afford to let him go for free a year from now? I doubt it.

If the club has a bad season, he’d be a great rental player. But if he helps the Jets make the playoffs, could the club really let him go?

I have a feeling that the goalie is greedy right now in terms of his salary demands on the sidelines of a contract extension. Maybe in a year’s time, with a higher ceiling, it’ll be easier.

To be followed in the coming months, but it could cause distractions.

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