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Phil Kessel brings the Stanley Cup to Toronto for a second time

Phil Kessel didn’t contribute to the Vegas Golden Knights’ triumph, but the result is the same: Kessel is a three-time Stanley Cup champion.

And he didn’t miss the opportunity to remind Toronto fans. It was the forward’s turn to have the Stanley Cup, and he took the opportunity to visit the Queen City.

This time, Kessel decided not to include hot dogs in his celebration. Instead, he took advantage of his daughter Kapri’s birthday to show off the Stanley Cup.

To see the 35-year-old forward launch an arrow at the Maple Leafs and the city of Toronto is a sight to behold. After all, after his time there, fans told him he’d never win. Yet here he is, a three-time champion…

Meanwhile in Toronto, the team is struggling to get past the first round… But hey, we won’t say anything.

This is the second time the American has brought the Stanley Cup to Ontario. In 2016, Kessel brought the prestigious trophy to the Hospital for Sick Children after his triumph with the Pittsburgh Penguins. Of course, the original is in Toronto, but unfortunately, fans will never see it anywhere but the Hall of Fame vault.

As I mentioned, the guy wasn’t a big contributor to the Knights’ playoff success, but he was a model teammate and played 82 regular-season games with Vegas. He certainly deserves his name on the Cup. Remember, to see your name on the trophy, you must have played at least 41 regular-season games with the champion team OR have played at least one game in the Stanley Cup Final.

Let’s hope he wins another one before he retires and puts it in his detractors’ faces for a third time.

In gusto

– He will be a free agent at the end of next season. He has asked to be traded a few times.

– Giants won’t pay him

– Alexis Galarneau advances to the third round.

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