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Todd Woodcroft, former Jets assistant coach, is in trouble

A bizarre story appeared on social media last night. Todd Woodcroft, a former Jets assistant coach and brother of current Edmonton Oilers head coach Jay, was fired from the University of Vermont after “exchanging inappropriate messages with a student”.

Todd Woodcroft was head coach of the university team. There are no details yet as to the nature of the messages in question, and the identity of the student has not been disclosed.

It is also unclear whether the principal will face any charges in the case.

Sometimes, I really wonder what some people think of when they commit stupidities like this.

It’s 2023 and everything is known these days with social networks and advanced technology. It doesn’t seem that complicated to understand, does it?

That said, there was an investigation into the matter, which began in March. The first report on inappropriate messages was published on March 16, which means that the whole thing took place in the last few months.

It’s hard to believe that his career behind the bench isn’t over after all this.

I respect the University’s decision because it’s unacceptable. Woodcroft, at 50, has made a blunder that is unforgivable…

And now he has to pay the price for what he did.

Hopefully, quite frankly, this will set an example for all other coaches on the NCAA circuit… But also for all other coaches running a team at any level.

Just because you’re a coach doesn’t mean you get a free pass in life. I hope Todd Woodcroft realizes that.

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