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Did the Bruins mistakenly announce that the next team captain is Brad Marchand?

In Boston right now, we’re all asking ourselves one question in particular.

Will Patrice Bergeron play next season?

The Quebecer, it should be remembered, looked like a guy who had played his last game following his team’s elimination in the first round of the last playoffs against the Panthers. He had been seen crying his eyes out, moments before leaving the ice to go to the dressing room…

And at the time, it looked like the end.

But then, a photo from an Instagram story got Bruins fans talking. It shows Brad Marchand, in profile… And there are whispers that he’s wearing the “C” on his jersey. It’s relatively hard to tell because you can’t see his face, but…

If Marchand does indeed have the “C” on his jersey, it could say a lot about Bergeron’s return to Boston. The opposite is also true, by the way. Those who believe he’s wearing an “A” on his vest in the photo seen in the article below think it could give encouraging signs for Bergeron’s return next year:

That’s pretty intriguing thanks.

On the other hand, Marchand filmed ads with his partner brand (Warrior) and you can clearly see the “A” emblazoned on his jersey.

Is it still too early to come to any conclusions?

All in all, the choice to name Marchand as the next captain would make sense to me.

We’re talking about a guy who will be in his 15th NHL season with the Bruins, and we’re clearly talking about an undisputed leader of the Boston squad. Marchand may not have been the most respected player in the NHL a few years ago…

But he’s now 35 years old and no longer commits as many antics as he used to. He’s established himself as a leader in the Bruins’ dressing room, and I sincerely believe he’d make a fine captain in Boston before passing the torch to Charlie McAvoy.

Anyway, the point is All this to say that we’re still in the dark in Boston regarding Bergeron’s future… And Bruins fans will want answers to their questions sooner rather than later.

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