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Oilers and Flames to play away from home… on October 29

The Edmontron Oilers and the Calgary Flames don’t like each other on the ice.

When the two clubs face off, it’s usually a thrilling, emotional affair. And the National Hockey League knows it.

It was with this in mind that the league decided to select the two clubs for the 2023 edition of the Heritage Classic. We’re talking about an away game, but…

It’s still particularly exciting this year, as the match will be played in October. The match will take place at Commonwealth Stadium, home of the Edmonton Elks.

The stadium can accommodate up to 60,081 people… And chances are it’ll be packed, because we know how much the people of Alberta love field hockey.

I love it, honestly!

In October, there’s no snow yet. So I can’t wait to see the NHL facilities at the stadium…

But I figure if the league managed to bring outdoor games to Los Angeles (2014), San Francisco (2015), Dallas (2020) and Raleigh (2023), they shouldn’t have too much trouble bringing a game to Edmonton, even if it is in October.

It should be a good show, too. Then again, the animosity is always there when the Flames and Oilers face off, and I find it hard to believe that won’t be the case if the game is played away from home.

Even so, the players will want to get high and entertain the thousands and thousands of spectators who will be turning out to watch the game. I’m expecting it to be a real field hockey game.

There will also be three other NHL away games in the 2023-2024 season.

On January 1, the Kraken will face the Golden Knights as part of the Winter Classic at T-Mobile Park, home of the MLB’s Seattle Mariners.

On February 17, the Flyers and Devils will cross swords at MetLife Stadium, and the following day, it’s the turn of the Rangers and Islanders to battle for victory at MetLife Stadium.

Sounds great!

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