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Matvei Michkov didn’t see himself in Washington for the long term, but…

One day, the Matvei Michkov file won’t be in the headlines so much. But right now, it seems like new information is coming out every week.

Earlier today, we learned that Kent Hughes never considered selecting him in the last draft. And earlier this afternoon, another juicy piece of information surfaced.

Remember that his agent Sergei Fedotov, a man of many words, had said during a podcast recorded in Russia that his client didn’t want to go to Arizona and Washington. The fact that he didn’t want to go to the nation’s capital came as a surprise to many.

Fedotov, however, wanted to be more specific. The Russian said that Mishkov wasn’t dreaming of a career in DC, but had he been drafted by the team, he wouldn’t have caused a stir. In other words, it wouldn’t have bothered him all that much.

It’s a good thing Fedotov clarified the situation, because the fact that he said all that doesn’t make his client look good. Since his public outing, Mishkov has been seen as a spoiled baby who “chooses his destinations”. This doesn’t change the fact that the Russian player’s Plan A wasn’t Washington, but at least he would have accepted his fate…

We know the guy has an attitude problem, and on the “Spittin’ Chiclets” podcast, Paul Bissonnette added to it. According to his information, Michkov kicked a teammate. On the same podcast, Ryan Whitney went on to say that the barely 18-year-old disrespected several of his coaches and teammates who were older and more experienced than him.

This is not the start to a professional career in North America that the youngster had hoped for. He hasn’t even played a single NHL game yet, and his behavioral problems are already the aspect of his personality and game that is attracting the most attention.

It’s a good thing he’s so talented. It’s easy to see why Kent Hughes never considered him…

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