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Draft: Kent Hughes never considered the Matvei Michkov option

The Matvei Michkov dilemma will always exist, and in Montreal it will be more intense than elsewhere. And why? Because in the metropolis, fans are passionate. They’re not crazy; they know that by drafting David Reinbacher instead of the Russian, the team has passed on a generational talent in Michkov.

But to be fair, the Habs aren’t the only team to have ignored Michkov. The Ducks, Blue Jackets, Sharks and Coyotes did the same.

Will his non-selection haunt the organization like Brady Tkachuk’s instead of Jesperi Kotkaniemi? We hope not. One thing’s for sure, it doesn’t point in that direction, since according to the many reports revealed over the past few days about the star forward, his attitude isn’t the best and the guy seems to want to choose his destination. In short, he seems to be a spoiled baby and we don’t want him in Montreal.

But has Kent Hughes really considered drafting him? According to Nicolas Cloutier, Hughes would never have considered selecting the 18-year-old left-hander.

In fact, to his credit, the CH GM may have been bluffing . By not revealing his game, the other GMs had to wonder if Hughes would take Michkov. And if there was any doubt, the former player agent could have received a few offers that couldn’t be refused.

We know he got quite a few from the Preds, by the way.

Hughes played his cards so well that he even met the youngster, even though he knew he and his colleagues weren’t going to draft him. In the end, Michkov was drafted seventh overall by the Philadelphia Flyers and, in theory, was passed over by six other teams. I’d say maybe even five teams, because honestly, it’s not like Chicago really had a earth-shattering decision to make.

In brief

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