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The Pittsburgh Penguins take a concept dear to Martin St-Louis to another level

I don’t like crowds. I feel trapped in them. I don’t feel at all. I have no pain and I have anxiety. But it’s even worse when there are a ton of people in the same small space. A few days ago, I was unable to attend a play with my sweetheart. When I walked into the theatre, a tiny little thing, my head went into an incredible spiral. I had to get out and never went to the show.

Martin St-Louis is just the opposite.

He loves tight spaces and regularly puts his players in situations where they have to move fast, think fast and execute in a quarter of a second. He loves it, and he’s not shy about being in the thick of the action himself, like this time when he was so close to the drill that Kirby Dach ended up crashing into him.

I’d certainly have fallen over backwards and would still be looking for air today… He didn’t even flinch. He’s clearly cut from a different cloth!

But you should know that I’m not telling you anything about myself, and I’m not praising Martin St-Louis gratuitously. I’m doing so because I came across a funny sequence during the Pittsburgh Penguins’ development camp.

St-Louis may love tight-space drills, but he just got royally clenched by Sidney Crosby’s team with this:

You saw it!

We’re talking about 3 duos facing off at the same time on a half-ice surface with two cages and a goalkeeper.

I don’t know about you, but this is the first time I’ve seen something like this.

Agreed, you’re not working on any strategy with this kind of exercise, and you absolutely must warn your guys not to go for the big contacts, because it can quickly become a solid mess. On the other hand, to work on execution speed and disc control in heavy traffic, it can certainly be effective.

Do you think Martin St-Louis will be putting his boys through this next training camp?

In any case, I absolutely don’t want to find myself in this kind of situation. It gives me a headache just thinking about it!

In a gust

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– The NHL is a very small league in comparison.

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