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Logan Mailloux: A “B” prospect according to Scott Wheeler and Simon Boisvert

Logan Mailloux’s name always elicits reactions in Montreal. Positive, or negative.

Over the past year, he’s been the talk of the town for his performance on the ice. He had an excellent season with London in the OHL and established himself as one of the best defensemen in the Canadian Hockey League.

Yesterday morning, Scott Wheeler published his list of the NHL’s top 50 prospects. The Habs are well represented, with David Reinbacher (20th) and Lane Hutson (27th) making the list.

Owen Beck, Sean Farrell, Filip Mesar and Joshua Roy are all listed in the “honorable mentions” category… But Mailloux is not.

This prompted Tony Marinaro to send him a message, and the latter stated in his recent podcast that Wheeler sees the big defender as a “Category B prospect”. Simon “Le Snake” Boisvert was Marinaro’s guest on the podcast…

And he, too, agrees with Wheeler. Boisvert even believes that Logan Mailloux is not necessarily talented in terms of his skills:

Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, and in reality, Simon Boisvert and Scott Wheeler have probably seen Mailloux play many times.

I respect their respective opinions. But…

Me, I wonder what more Mailloux could/should have done to be ranked higher on their respective lists. The defenseman scored 25 goals (53 points) in 59 regular-season games last year, before adding eight goals and 24 points in 21 playoff games…

But that’s not the point either. You can only judge a player’s worth by his stats. That said, the Knights games I’ve had the chance to watch this year have shown me just how good a defender he is, both offensively and defensively…

And his 6’3, 210-pound frame makes him a monster on the ice. Logan Mailloux moves well for a big, strong player like him.

But I don’t think we’ve seen anything of Mailloux yet, because let’s not forget that he lost almost two years of development because of COVID-19 and because of the mistake he made a few years ago.

I think it’s pretty hard to evaluate him right now, because he hasn’t necessarily had the chance to show what he can do on the ice since he was selected in the 2021 draft. But maybe that’s just me too.


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