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The Preds wanted to move up in the draft to select David Reinbacher
At the last draft, the Canadiens surprised many by selecting David Reinbacher fifth overall. With a guy like Matvei Michkov available, fans were dreaming of the next Russian star in Montreal.

But as the story goes, Hughes ignored Michkov and so did the Coyotes. In the days that followed, we learned that the Russian didn’t seem interested in either the Coyotes or the Capitals. We also learned that the prospect didn’t want to meet the Ducks in person. As a result, Anaheim never considered the youngster for the second spot in the auction.

In retrospect, I’m glad I didn’t select him. His attitude problems are real.

But what about the Nashville Predators? Let’s not forget that the team’s new GM, Barry Trotz, tried to move up in the draft and even offered Yaroslav Askarov, among others, to the Habs to acquire the number-five pick. Was Michkov his target? Well, no. According to an anonymous source, David Reinbacher was the Preds’ man.

TVA Sports has learned.

Imagine if Montreal hadn’t held a second meeting with the youngster…

Because yes, Reinbacher was the best defenseman in the draft, but several teams were on his case. So many, in fact, that teams were snapping him up.

Among the teams interested in his services were the Canadiens (obviously), but also the Coyotes. The Coyotes drafted defenseman Dmitry Simashev one spot below Reinbacher. The desert team has never made any secret of its interest in the CH protégé. They didn’t visit him 27 times for nothing…

The Flyers, who drafted after the Coyotes, selected Matvei Michkov. But the anonymous source, who followed the draft very closely, said Philadelphia really liked the defenseman. Was he the Pennsylvania team’s Plan A? The spy was unable to confirm.

That’s not all, however.

The Capitals, who were talking in the eighth spot, selected Ryan Leonard, a forward. However, Leonard was not the team’s plan A. Was Reinbacher? We don’t know for sure, but a team employee said: “We’d take Reinbacher.

Montreal was talking to the perfect rank to select the youngster. The CH was not alone in its decision, and that’s good news in itself. But why? Because the other teams also saw interesting potential.

In gusto

– His time in Seattle could be short.

– Good news.

– He must continue.

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