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In-season tournament: NHL not considering the idea
Earlier this month, the NBA confirmed the arrival of a tournament during the regular season for all 30 teams. The concept is simple: the 30 teams are divided into five divisions, and in November/December the tournament will take place.

First, the teams will play four matches (two at home and two away) against the teams in their division. The division leaders and two drafted teams (one from each association) will advance to the elimination round. Only the final match does not count towards the 82 regular-season games.

The winning team will take home a trophy and the players will win a handsome sum of money.

Would the NHL like to do a tournament like this? Assistant Commissioner Bill Daly said it wasn’t in the plans at the moment.

No consideration is being given to an in-season tournament. – Bill Daly

Unlike the NBA, the NHL has always been more conservative. The professional basketball league is recognized as an evolving league. Remember that a few years ago, Adam Silver and his group decided to add the play-in, which is a way of allowing teams 9 and 10 to reach the playoffs.

In my opinion, the play-in is very interesting and can cause surprises. I’d love to see that in the NHL.

But as for the tournament during the regular season, I also think it’s a good idea. It would make a championship out of the Leafs’ hands…

No, but without pranking, it would allow rebuilding or weaker teams, for example, to win a championship. After all, it’s a seven-game tournament, and if your team is on fire at the right time, whether you’re the Blackhawks or the Lightning, you’ve got a chance of winning the whole thing. Obviously, the ultimate goal is to win a Stanley Cup, but winning a tournament isn’t bad either, is it?

The tournament would also add competition between players and teams. My colleague FĂ©lix Forget mentioned this earlier, but NHL players aren’t exactly spoiled internationally. In fact, they haven’t participated in an international Olympic tournament since 2014. The players want to compete internationally, and they’re not shying away from it.

In addition to the competition between the teams, an in-season tournament would attract spectators and probably additional TV contracts. The money factor is definitely in play, and I’m sure the NHL will be a keen listener to the tournament in the NBA. After all, if it works for one league, it could work for the other, right?

I like the idea. Do you agree?

In brief

– Our national Cole is popular.

– Well…

– Juan Soto hits his 17th home run of the season against Alek Manoah.

– The umpire is awful so far.

– I’m sure he’ll be okay.

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