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“Canes Suck”: Erik Haula hates his former club
Predators, Bruins and Devils.

These are, in order, Erik Haula’s last three clubs. In 20-21, Haula played in Nashville, the following year (21-22) he played in Boston…

And in the final season (22-23), Haula played in New Jersey.

These three teams have something in common, by the way.

When Haula was with the Preds, they were eliminated in the playoffs by the Carolina Hurricanes…

When Haula was with the Bruins, they were eliminated in the playoffs by the Carolina Hurricanes…

And, as you can see, the Devils were eliminated last season by the Carolina Hurricanes.

Is it the player in question who brings bad luck to his teams? One thing’s for sure: Haula is visibly bitter about the situation, and he’s not hiding it. He was spotted on the golf course wearing a bracelet that clearly read “Canes Suck”…

And the whole thing is really ironic in view of the fact that Haula, in the 2019-2020 season, well… He played 41 games with the Hurricanes.

It’s fair game.

I hope Hurricanes fans took this with a grain of salt because it’s funny, in the end.

Sure it must be frustrating, losing like the same team in the playoffs three years in a row… But hey.

If it happens again next year and the Devils face the Hurricanes in the playoffs, it’ll give him extra motivation.

And knowing that Erik Haula is a vocal guy in the dressing room, I reckon he’ll share his desire to beat his former club with his teammates. It will be up to him to do what it takes to avoid being eliminated by Carolina…


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