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Leafs : Brad Treliving tries to trade T.J. Brodie

It’s always interesting to follow the activities of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Basically, they’re seen as the Montreal Canadiens’ sworn enemy… But they’re also seen as an organization that makes intriguing decisions. As we’ve seen in recent years, notably with the signing of John Tavares, the Leafs aren’t afraid to go “all in” in order to maximize their chances of winning their first Stanley Cup since…


Right now, the Toronto team is about $9 million over the salary cap. But that doesn’t stop Brad Treliving from being creative and aggressive on the trade market…

Because according to the latest news, the Leafs’ new GM is currently trying to trade T.J. Brodie. Treliving would like to use the left-handed defenseman to get his hands on another defenseman, albeit a defensive one.

With the addition of John Klingberg, the Leafs’ blue line is a little too offensive for his liking, and according to David Pagnotta on The Leafs Nation podcast, Treliving has his eye on three guys.

We’re talking about Chris Tanev, Nikita Zadorov and Noah Hanifin… Three guys who play in Calgary.

Need I remind you that Brad Treliving was GM of the Flames as recently as last season, and that he’s very familiar with the players I’ve just mentioned?

The idea, in my eyes, is more than logical.


Brad Treliving will really have to pull a rabbit out of his hat if he wants to get his hands on Tanev, Zadorov or Hanifin. Brodie commands a $5M salary for next year, and even if he’s able to trade him, the Leafs will still be over the salary cap.

What’s more, Zadorov ($3.75 M per season), Tanev ($4.5 M per season) and Hanifin ($4.95 M per season) also command “relatively imposing” salaries.

It’s been said several times in recent years in Toronto, but the Leafs don’t need offensive players any more. The forwards need to be surrounded in the right way, and it’s by adding defensively responsible guys that it can work.

Also, let’s not forget that Jake Muzzin’s absence hurts. He was doing the team proud before suffering a serious injury last season, and the Leafs miss him.

It’s only natural.

Let’s keep a close eye on Treliving and the Leafs, because it looks like they’re not done shopping yet. They’ll have to work hard to fit all their players under the salary cap…

But it can be done.

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