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Anton Stralman feels betrayed by the Bruins
At the end of September, the Bruins announced that they had invited Anton Stralman to training camp on a probationary basis (PTO).

The 36-year-old veteran’s goal was to bring experience to the team’s blue line, and in fact, he had a good camp. He did enough to earn himself a one-season contract ($1 million), and he did enough to start the season with the big club.

The experience didn’t last long, though. Stralman played his eighth and final NHL game of the season on November 25, before being traded to the Bruins’ AHL club-school.

At that age, players never want to find themselves in such a situation, because it’s frustrating. Stralman, on the other hand, sees it as if the Bruins had betrayed him in the end:

They probably did what they had planned from the start; my hiring became more of a rental for a few months. Then they got tired of me in the AHL. I felt betrayed, because that wasn’t what we had discussed. – Anton Stralman

It’s only natural. After all, it had been 13 years since Stralman had played in the AHL, and he was expecting to play one last full season in the NHL.

But you know as well as I do that the NHL is a business. If Stralman was sent down, it was because he wasn’t getting the job done with the Bruins…

And it’s not as if his absence mattered either, since the Boston outfit literally had the best season in the history of an NHL team in terms of wins (65).

In a nutshell.

A bummer for Stralman, we agree. It “forced” him to reconsider, and in the last few days, he announced that his NHL career was over.

The defenseman, who has played for the Blue Jackets, Lightning, Rangers, Panthers, Leafs, Coyotes and Bruins, has signed a deal with HV-71, a club based in his native Sweden.

The past year may not have been easy or glorious for him… but he now has the luxury of returning to play close to friends and family.

When they say that nothing happens for nothing, in life… That’s what they mean.


Nice .

– And the crowd went wild. #OuPas

– I still think he has a good chance of establishing himself in the National League.

– Come on!

– Speaking of tennis:

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