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Juraj Slafkovsky is the face of the “Everything for the Game” campaign in Slovakia.

Although Juraj Slafkovsky hasn’t yet (or quite yet) achieved star status in North America, the Canadiens’ forward is already a prominent face of field hockey in his native Slovakia. The only player from his nation to be selected first overall in the NHL draft, Slaf has the support of an entire country to transform his magnificent story of emergence into a landmark career at the highest level.

Associated with Bauer, the Canadiens’ #20 is now the star of a lengthy YouTube ad for the sports equipment company.

Despite this, Slafkovsky remains very humble. In this interview, he talks about his role model role in Slovakia, with which he seems somewhat uncomfortable.

“Do I see myself as a model? I don’t know. I’m happy when someone calls me a role model, but I still have my whole career ahead of me so I’m trying to work and have my own role models, so it’s interesting, but I understand that’s the case [having me as a role model] for some people.”

-Juraj Slafkovsky

It’s true that, in reality, Slafkovsky hasn’t reached his optimal NHL form. But it’s important to note that his journey to the NHL, regardless of the outcome, has the power to inspire Slovakia’s youth to dream big.

The ” Everything for the Game” campaign aims to highlight the sacrifices and efforts of a player like the Slovak, who has worked hard to achieve his dream.

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