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Flyers website editor openly criticizes Tony DeAngelo

When a player leaves a sports organization, reactions from fans are often mixed, with some disappointed and others much happier with the management’s decision.

As for the organizations themselves, they announce their decision more or less harshly, the majority taking the time to thank the player.

In the case of the Flyers with Tony DeAngelo, they took the harshness of the message to a point I’d rarely seen. Yes, the player wasn’t appreciated by everyone, but Philadelphia made sure to add more nails to the already well-closed coffin.

When analyzing DeAngelo’s ballot in order to buy him out of the Flyers’ site, Bill Meltzer, the author of the text, was curtly critical of the defenseman.

It’s rare for the team’s website to give its negative opinion of a player, but Meltzer first mentioned that he produced at a reasonable pace before adding a few lines later that when DeAngelo was on the ice, the Flyers had trouble keeping the puck out of their net.

Meltzer went to the trouble of saying that he brings a physical presence and will leave a hole on the power play, but ayoye!

The process is already unpleasant enough, but I’ve rarely seen such a trenchant statement.

Remember, this isn’t the first time Tony DeAngelo has been bought out by an organization. In 2021, the Rangers made the same decision following a problematic off-ice situation with K’Andre Miller and a confrontation with Alexander Georgiev.

The Hurricanes gave him another chance, which he took at the start of the 2021-2022 season. He then went to the Flyers, who weren’t convinced by the defenseman.

It makes you wonder if any team will give him another chance, as he can still contribute to a power play. But his history works against him, and let’s bet the reactions wouldn’t be unanimous.

In gusts

– Sad

– Things are going well in Baltimore.

– He was incredible today.

– Toronto’s breathing easier.

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