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Drake pays tribute to Nick Suzuki at his Montreal concert
On Friday and Saturday night, the Bell Centre vibrated to the rhythm of Drake. The Canadian rapper once again managed to fill the amphitheatre, and CH fans were delighted.

At one point during his concert on Saturday, he performed “Look What You’ve Done” with a rather interesting decor.

He was sitting on a sofa with a young man playing the role of “Young Drake”. What made it special was that he was wearing CH captain Nick Suzuki’s jersey.

Even more striking was the fact that Suzuki was present for his concert, and received a standing ovation when people realized he was there too.

The sequence is in the video below.

It’s interesting to see that Suzuki not only spends a lot of time in Montreal, but is also involved in some of the city’s events.

As he prepares for his second season as CH captain, the pressure will be a little greater than last season. No, no one’s expecting the playoffs, but you can sense that Suzuki is tired of losing and will want to see his team take it to the next level.

Will Montreal fight for a playoff spot? Time will tell, but for now, the team’s objective will be to stay as healthy as possible.

Personnel changes have been made for this reason, and in the event of fewer injuries, the cellar could be avoided.

If that’s what the CH players want, some fans are hoping that it will be another year of misery so that Montreal can once again draft in the front runners. There’s also the complicated choice of Calgary’s 1st romde to consider.

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