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Draft 2024: Lane Hutson’s brother is one of the best prospects in the crop
In my eyes, Lane Hutson is currently the best prospect ever to play an NHL game for the Canadiens. The little defenseman, who was drafted late in the second round a year ago, is a real offensive bombshell, and he just burned up the NCAA in his first year on the circuit.

15 goals and 48 points in 39 games for a rookie defenseman is what I call “burning up the league”, anyway.

And while Lane is undoubtedly a top-quality prospect, he’s not the only one in his family to enjoy such status: his little brother, Cole Hutson, is one of the top prospects in the upcoming draft, and when you watch him play, he’s reminiscent of his big brother.

Watch the following clip: Lane has been doing it all year in the NCAA.

Cole isn’t very imposing either (five feet eight inches, 143 pounds), but at 17, he still has time to grow up a bit. And if his bones are like Lane’s, we can expect to see him gain another inch or two.

In 2022, teams let Lane slip through their fingers, but next year they probably won’t make the same mistake with Cole. He’s a top-10 prospect for the upcoming draft and seems destined for a bright future.

And if the Habs have another tough season next year(which I expect they will), they could very well have the opportunity to select Cole in the first round next year.

Sure, he’s another left-handed defenseman, but the last time the CH drafted a smaller player named Cole in the first round, it ended well, didn’t it? And what’s more, Cole Hutson already has chemistry with guys who have the same first name as him.

Next year, Cole Hutson will spend another year in the U.S. National Development Program, sharing the ice with Cole Eiserman, who is projected as one of the top three prospects in the upcoming draft. He will also eventually play for Boston University.

Like Florian Xhekaj this year, the Canadiens could be lucky enough to draft the brother of one of their top prospects next year. The eldest of the family, Quinn, is still an independent player, having just enjoyed a fine season with Boston University alongside Lane.

And if he prefers to wait until 2027, there will be another Hutson, when young Lars will be eligible. But hey, it’s a little early to be focusing on him right now.

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