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Mike Hoffman: the idea of sending him to Chicago is intriguing

It’s been two years since Mike Hoffman arrived in Montreal. At the time, Marc Bergevin signed him to a three-year contract in order to bring some offensive punch to his team.

Remember that, at the time, he was recognized as one of the NHL’s best free-throw shooters.

But in two years, Hoffman hasn’t exactly produced what you’d expect from him. In two seasons (of 67 games each), he amassed 35 and 34 points respectively. And he didn’t even reach the 30-goal plateau during that period (he scored 29, including 14 last season).

In short, if a team were to call for his services, Kent Hughes would probably be quick to trade him. However, in a recent text, Blain Potvin raised the idea of him being sent to Chicago, and clearly, the possibility is intriguing.

Hoffman is by no means a perfect player, but he’s still a guy with a good shot. In Chicago, he could help Connor Bedard on the power play by giving him a shooting option on the right side of the ice.

Taylor Hall will also be there, but there’s clearly a way for the two to coexist.

That said, we know that Hoffman doesn’t really have any value right now. There’s a scenario in which the CH keeps him this year and waits for his contract to expire without renewing him, but with the glut of NHL-calibre forwards out there right now, sacking a veteran like Hoffman (who isn’t part of future plans) has to be considered.

We know the CH isn’t fond of these transactions, but if the Blackhawks are interested in acquiring Hoffman if he comes with a draft pick, it could happen. The Habs already have so many prospects (that they won’t be able to contract them all), they could trade a youngster or a pick to make room for their other young forwards.

Because in reality, a trade involving Hoffman wouldn’t make sense to get out of salary: it’s to make room for youngsters in the line-up. I wouldn’t trade a pick to free up money, but I would trade one to make room for a Rafaël Harvey-Pinard in the lineup, for example.

Anyway, we’ll see if such a scenario manifests itself this summer. I kind of doubt it, but if Kent Hughes dares to do it by trading a fourth-round pick or even one of his two third-round picks, I wouldn’t necessarily be against it.

In gusts

– Note to self.

– Entry-level contract for the Golden Knights’ first pick.

– Well done.

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