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Lias Andersson hasn’t spoken to Jeff Gorton or Nick Bobrov since signing.
Just under two weeks ago, the Habs signed intriguing Swedish forward Lias Andersson. I call him intriguing, because remember, he was selected very early in the 2017 draft and was the one who threw his silver medal into the stands at the WJC.

But the links to Jeff Gorton are easy to make. The team’s vice-president of field hockey operations is the man behind his selection.

Yet the player hasn’t spoken with Gorton since signing with Montreal. In fact, he hasn’t spoken to Nick Bobrov, either, another man behind his selection by the Rangers a few years ago. That’s what we learn in a text by Guillaume Lefrançois on LaPresse.


But Andersson seems happy in Montreal, and several of the organization’s current and former players have praised the city and the club.

William Lagesson, a guy who played three games with the Canadiens in 2021-2022, had nothing but good things to say about the team to his good friend. The two Swedes train together in the summer.

Frederick Allard, who is out of contract for next season, also praised the organization to the newcomer. The two rubbed shoulders in Ontario, with the Los Angeles Kings training club. Another former teammate of Andersson’s with the Reign is Nate Thompson. The 38-year-old never played under Martin St-Louis, but has nothing but good things to say about the coach . Thompson and St-Louis played together from 2009 to 2014.

In short, Lias Andersson’s contacts may have influenced the 24-year-old forward to sign for Montreal.

What we’ve known for a few days now is that the guy wants to play in the NHL. That’s his ultimate goal. He left the Kings organization to get a better chance to play in the best league in the world. Does he really have a better chance in the metropolis?

Because yes, the Kings have a lot of good forwards – as Lefrançois would say, they have the quality – but Montreal has the quantity. In the event of injury, will he be the first to be recalled? Remember, he’s not exempt from the ballot…

In brief

– 10/10. No doubt about it.

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– Note to self.

– Potentially great news for the CF.

– Gurriel Jr. is back.

– Very interesting.

– Joël Perrault in Rimouski.

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