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Chris Tierney leaves the Canadian organization
On February 23, 2023, the Canadiens claimed Chris Tierney from the Florida Panthers.

At the time, the club had several injured players and lacked depth. The addition of a veteran like Tierney made sense in that his $750,000 salary didn’t have a huge impact on the payroll…

And, above all, in the sense that he would fill a chair on the team’s fourth trio.

I don’t think anyone expected him to return to Montreal next year, given the high number of forwards in town. Tierney was aware of this too…

And that’s why he decided to leave the organization. This morning, the Devils announced the signing of Tierney to a one-year, two-part contract that will pay him $775,000 if he plays in the NHL next year.

His AHL salary is $400,000:

In the end, his stay in Montreal was fairly short.

That said, I don’t think the organization will be mourning his departure, even though the player came to help the team in a rather bizarre situation last year with all the injuries.

He didn’t do badly, under the circumstances, with the Habs. But we agree that he wasn’t a savior either.

The Devils have a superb line-up, and I think it will be difficult for him to make his mark in New Jersey. Even so, he’s joining an organization with Stanley Cup aspirations for a long time to come, and that’s got to be a motivating factor.

Good for him.

In gusto

– Great news for Hurricanes fans.

– I love our Pezz.

– It’s true that they have great depth at the goalie position.

– The question arises. To me, not yet.

– Too good.

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