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Patrick Kane hints at what’s in store for him next year
Patrick Kane is currently out of contract for the coming season.

The player, it should be remembered, has been under the knife for a long-standing hip injury. He has a long convalescence period ahead of him, and should only be ready to play in December.

That said, Kane and Pat Brisson (his agent) are not interested in agreeing terms with any team at the moment. The plan is to see how things go at the start of the season in terms of his health…

And until he’s “back to 100%”, Kane won’t be signing a contract.

I respect his decision.

Patrick Kane has three Stanley Cup rings lying around the house.

The veteran’s main objective is to add a fourth to his collection, and to do so, he should sign a contract later this year with a team that aspires to the big time.

I’d be surprised to see him return to the West. Kane was keen to be traded to the Big Apple last year, to be closer to where he grew up (New York State), so I’m thinking it wouldn’t make sense.

But there’s still a long, long way to go before he makes up his mind. At the start of the season, he’ll have to assess the performance of the clubs he’s interested in, the injury situation at the clubs he’s interested in… And at this level, anything can happen.

There’s also the matter of his health, which could perhaps stand in his way. Will the various NHL GMs be reluctant to offer a contract to a 34-year-old (35 in November) coming off hip surgery?

We’re talking about Patrick Kane, however. It may be a big risk for some clubs… but it could also pay off big time.

We’ll keep you posted. For now, we can only wish him a fine rehabilitation, and hope that he is able to return to 100% as he wishes.

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