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After athlete and analyst, here’s P.K. Subban as… security guard

Since the end of his career, P.K. Subban, extravagant as he is, hasn’t missed a chance to make a splash. Not always for the right reasons, but he’s entertaining, which is why ESPN hired him.

Over the years, he’s been to Montreal to meet sick children, he’s commented on the famous singer Lizzo, and so on.

But now that he’s retired from the NHL and there aren’t necessarily any summer jobs for him on ESPN, Subban had to find a job to earn a little money. Because the nearly $80 million he’s made in his field hockey career and the lucrative contract he’s received from ESPN aren’t likely to be enough.

He took advantage of one of Alberta’s most anticipated annual events, the Calgary Stampede, to offer his services as… a security guard, no less.

He shared a few videos of his shifts on his Twitter account.

Obviously, meeting P.K. Subban must be a dream for many, and the opportunity to see (and talk to) him at an accessible event must have convinced many Albertans to go.

Nice marketing initiative by the event’s directors, then.

Even though it’s a temporary job, Subban is taking it very seriously. After all, record attendance is expected this year.

I take my job very seriously. And you know what? There are a lot of big stars coming to town, and I have to make sure everything runs smoothly. – P.K. Subban

For Subban fans interested in rodeos, there’s still time. The event ends on July 16.

In Brief

– A great visit.

– The Alouettes have a knack for entertaining. #Not

– Raph Lavoie returns to Edmonton.

– The Homerun Derby champion didn’t take long.

– It’s not going well.

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