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Pierre-Luc Dubois maintains that the CH has not made him a formal offer

Pierre-Luc Dubois makes no secret of it. He’s happy to have been traded to Los Angeles, and since arriving in Southern California, he’s been having fun.

The Quebecer, who has been linked with the Canadiens on I don’t know how many occasions, has a specific plan in mind. He wants to establish himself with the Kings in order to improve his reputation, especially in view of the fact that he has (already) requested two trades since his NHL debut.

We know that he had a certain desire to play for the Flannel, and he admitted as much this morning on 98.5 FM. He maintains that the Habs were among the teams on his list, but the CH wasn’t alone in the world either.

Dubois reiterated that he chose the Kings because, in his eyes, they were the team “that wanted him the most”. He also stated that he had not received a formal offer from Kent Hughes or the Montreal Canadiens:

“No, we never really received anything from the Canadiens […] We spoke with Montreal, but in the end, it was Los Angeles that was calling and pushing harder.” – Pierre-Luc Dubois

Deep down, Dubois really had his eyes set on Los Angeles. And even though some teams offered him more money, he repeats over and over again that he chose the Kings because they showed enormous interest in his services.

Good for him.

He made a decision for the happiness of himself and his family, and in the end, you have to respect it.

Of course, the idea of playing in sunny Los Angeles was a factor, and we all agree that he’ll have a great life there. On the ice, he’s joining an excellent field hockey club that has the potential to be a Stanley Cup contender in the coming seasons…

And that, too, plays into the balance.

Pierre-Luc Dubois is now settled in LA, although he has yet to find his next home. The case is closed, and that’s good.

After all, he’d been the subject of several rumoured trades for ages, and it was starting to get heavy for everyone.

All’s well that ends well, then… Or almost.

In Brief

– Of note:

– Well deserved.

– Minor signing in Philly.

– It will be interesting to see how the club responds.

– That goes without saying.

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