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Rumor: Erik Karlsson to Toronto, William Nylander to San Jose
Credit: Will he extend his stay in San Jose?
The hot topic in the NHL right now is Erik Karlsson.

We’re all waiting to see the Sharks trade him to another club, and we’re wondering where he’ll end up. We know that the Penguins are in the running for his services, as are the Hurricanes…

But you can never count on a surprise in the National League, and you know that as well as I do.

The idea of him landing in Toronto has also been raised by certain media outlets in recent weeks. A scenario that, on paper, would be spectacular for the Leafs, given the talent already to be found in the Queen City.

Howard Berger, a former Sportsnet employee who still writes about the Toronto team, said in a recent tweet that he had information about a possible deal between the Leafs and the Sharks.

Basically, we’re talking about William Nylander as the centerpiece of the deal on the Maple Leafs’ side, and other “assets” would also have to be added in order to come to some sort of agreement.

There’s a lot of talk about Nylander in Toronto right now, and not necessarily for the right reasons.

At least, since we’ve heard from the team’s fans that he’s asking $10 million per season for his next contract, we think he’s lost his mind.

After all, the problem isn’t necessarily Nylander’s current value. Rather, it’s the fact that the Leafs will never be able to give him that kind of money with Tavares, Matthews and Marner already signed to very lucrative contracts.

The idea of doing a “swap” with the Sharks to get Karlsson therefore makes sense because Nylander could leave for absolutely nothing in the summer of 2024. But…

Would such a deal really improve the Toronto team?

It’s not as if they necessarily need to add a (very) offensive defenseman, since they already have Morgan Rielly and John Klingberg in their ranks for next season.

Of course, Karlsson is on another level… But the principle remains the same in the end.

What’s certain is that a transaction of this kind would have the effect of a bomb in the four corners of the NHL. After all, we’re talking about two excellent players for their respective teams…

And I wonder how much it could help the Sharks in their rebuild and the Leafs in their quest to lift the Stanley Cup.

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