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Dominique Ducharme: an assistant role would suit him better
Credit: His time at La Poche Bleue was a chance to discover the person he is.

Yesterday, the Vegas Golden Knights confirmed the hiring of Dominique Ducharme as the team’s assistant coach. He will become Bruce Cassidy’s right-hand man on the defending champions’ coaching staff.

Joel Ward has also joined the Knights in the same role as Ducharme.

This is Ducharme’s first NHL position since being fired as head coach in Montreal. He will have the luxury of joining an excellent coach in Cassidy to continue his personal progression.

But, in reality, it may be a good thing for him to be back in an assistant role. As Stu Cowan notes (and I tend to agree), Ducharme’s personality seems better suited to such a role than that of head coach.

As we saw in Montreal, Ducharme isn’t particularly comfortable in front of the media. That said, his players speak of him as a good communicator and we’ve seen him enjoy success behind the bench.

Could being in a role where he can focus more on his coaching responsibilities (and not have to talk to the media all the time) benefit him? In my opinion, yes.

And what will also help Ducharme is that he’s joining a team where the culture revolves around winning at all costs. He’s said it himself: the fact that the Golden Knights have been consistently good since their arrival on the Bettman circuit is something he appreciates.

Let’s not forget that he’ll be reunited with Sean Burke, who spent time in Montreal when he was also there, on the Vegas side. It’ll be a chance for him to enjoy a fresh start, far from the more difficult times he experienced at the end of his career with the CH.

And I sincerely believe that he will have the opportunity to succeed in Nevada.

In gusto

– The Blue Jackets have been active since the start of the summer.

– That would be quite a haul for the Yankees.

– To be continued.

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