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“How many times is she going to ask that f*cking question”: a Flyers employee escapes live on air

Daniel Brière signed forward Garnet Hathaway, who spent last season with the Washington Capitals and Boston Bruins, to a two-season contract on July 1, when the free-agent market opened.

Today, the team’s new forward answered questions via Zoom. His answers to reporters’ questions aren’t exactly what this session will be remembered for. Indeed, after a legitimate question from a journalist, an employee said loudly, “How many times is she going to ask that f*cking question?” Listen for yourself, it’s hard not to hear it.

So he really dropped the ball on that one, and tomorrow the guy may be out of a job with the team.

In fact, the entire media session was problematic. A few seconds after the employee’s interruption, a lady said that the Flyers are in the bag.

Welcome to Philly, Garnet…

For a guy who signed for two seasons, I hope he doesn’t regret his choice too much… At the same time, a $2.375 million pact is a good contract for a player like him. And it’s not as if a Q&A session dictated his entire stay in the City of Brotherly Love…

But let’s just say that his first public appearance as a member of the orange team didn’t go as planned.

One thing’s for sure, I don’t know if the forward heard the interventions live, but if so, he did a good job of ignoring them and answering the reporter’s question, who was just trying to do her job after all.

The Flyers made a point of publicly apologizing after the incident.

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