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Alex Newhook spotted with CH equipment today

It’s been 13 days since the Habs acquired Alex Newhook in a trade with the Colorado Avalanche. Remember that the 31st pick (now Mikhail Gulyayev), the 37th pick (now Ethan Gauthier to Tampa Bay) and Gianni Fairbrother went the other way.

What’s curious, however, is that nearly two weeks later, Newhook still hasn’t spoken to the Montreal media. In fact, he hadn’t been seen since the deal that brought him to town.

Today, however, we finally heard from the youngster: he was at Harvard University for on-ice training. A bit special considering he played with Boston College in the NCAA, but it may have been the only ice available in the area.

What’s also noticeable, though, is that he jumped on the ice with CH equipment. At least he knows he’s been traded, hehe.

Newhook was in the company of other players, including young Jack Drury, who plays in the Carolina Hurricanes organization. For those interested, he’s a year older than Newhook and they don’t seem to have played together in recent years: perhaps just coincidence.

And if you look at Newhook’s photo, you’ll also notice that he’s wearing a CH helmet with the #15 on it. Will he succeed Jesperi Kotkaniemi and Sami Niku in wearing the #15, or was it just the first helmet he came across? The question remains.

Remember that, according to Anthony Martineau, the young forward is due to sign a contract for next season shortly, while the journalist was talking about an announcement “at the beginning of the week”.

In short, we’ll see if Newhook signs in the next few days, but right now he’s on Harvard University’s side to stay in shape for next season. Nice to know he’s still alive, hehe.

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