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Brick Invitational: 10-year-old Quebecer breaks Cole Caufield’s points record
The Brick Invitational is always fun to follow.

It features the best players in North America between the ages of 9 and 10, and provides a great opportunity to witness the next generation of field hockey players. It’s a special event for young players, who have the luxury of demonstrating their skills in front of many fans.

This year, the Montreal Canadiens defeated Team Minnesota 7-4 to win the 2023 edition of the tournament. But what really stands out is the performance of young Quebecer Liam Tep.

The Mirabel native finished the tournament with an impressive 29 points (15 goals) in just eight games, shattering the record for most points in a single tournament.

Previously, this record (18 points) belonged to Michael Misa and… Cole Caufield!

Imagine how Liam Tep must be feeling today. He probably has his head in the clouds… And good for him, quite frankly.

He’ll be able to brag at school about breaking the record for a current NHL player and Cole Caufield, well… He’s not just anyone either, hehe.

Liam, who is 10 years old, will be eligible for the NHL draft in 2031. He still has a lot of field hockey left to play before he gets there, we understand. But it’s still worth mentioning.

It’s intriguing in that Liam didn’t just set a record for most points in a tournament. He simply demolished it, registering no less than 11 points more than the previous mark.

And it’s also interesting to see that Liam amassed as many goals as assists. He loves to score, obviously, and he also loves to serve his teammates.

That’s a credit to him.

Again, it’s far too early to form any ideas. But his name will certainly be one to watch over the next few years, we agree.

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– The LSHL kicks off tonight.

– Interesting.

– Absolutely.

– All the better.

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