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Matvei Michkov “is a piece of shit” according to one of his teammates
Matvei Michkov.

A name that has been echoing around the field hockey world for several months now, and one that we’re likely to be hearing a lot more about in the coming weeks, months and years.

The Philadelphia Flyers’ polarizing young prospect is at the center of much discussion right now, even with the draft now behind us.

And why is that?

Well, because everyone’s still wondering how such a talented player managed to slip all the way to 7th place, without being selected first by teams like the Montreal Canadiens, of course.

It’s no secret that this has been the talk of the town, and unfortunately had negative repercussions for the Tricolore’s choice, defenseman David Reinbacher, who reportedly received death threats and insults following his selection.

In short, to this day, even if things have calmed down a bit, many are still wondering how it’s possible for the CH not to select such an offensive talent in Michkov.

The reason that comes up most often, apart from his poor defensive play, is the young Russian’s bad attitude.

Indeed, the more days go by, the more we learn about the young man’s supposedly execrable attitude.

In fact, we recently learned that Mishkov even had attitude problems during interviews with NHL teams in preparation for the draft.

And more recently, we learned that for the young Russian, being drafted by the Washington Capitals or the Arizona Coyotes was out of the question.

In short, there were and still are plenty of red flags regarding the youngster’s attitude and supposed bad temper.

Incidentally, not to help Mishkov’s cause, we recently learned from NHL alumnus Ray Whitney that one of Mishkov’s teammates this year had explained to him that he was nothing but a piece of shit.

Indeed, that’s what Whitney tells us on the latest Spittin’ Chiclets podcast.

Whitney explains this starting at 34:34 in the video.

Basically, he explains that he had a chance to read a message from one of Mishkov’s teammates this year, where he explained that Mishkov doesn’t listen to anything veterans and coaches tell him, and that he didn’t hesitate to blow them off.

This same teammate then added that he really tried to give the youngster a chance, but in the end he’s just a piece of shit.

In short, these are big words from one of Michkov’s direct teammates this year.

This kind of news certainly goes some way to explaining why such a talented player, who is even seen as the equal of Connor Bedard to some, has been shunned by six teams.

The Montreal Canadiens took a lot of heat from their fans, who were obviously disappointed and frustrated, as I was, that Michkov wasn’t the team’s selection, but in the end, maybe the CH will be forgiven if Michkov’s attitude causes that much of a problem when he joins the Philadelphia Flyers in the NHL.

Stay tuned.

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