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LGBTQIA+ jerseys: the CH responds to Manon Massé’s comments

Manon Massé is no longer in the political arena, but her voice still carries, all the way to the Tricolore’s headquarters. Yesterday, she publicly denounced the removal of Pride jerseys, asking the NHL to reconsider its decision.

In the same tweet, she asked the CH to maintain the practice. As explained yesterday, the Habs can’t go ahead with this on their own, since it’s a league-wide decision.

What’s more, these aren’t the only jerseys that won’t be worn next year; those used for other theme nights won’t be worn either.

In any case, the Tricolore wanted to respond to Ms. Massé by recalling the efforts made by the organization over the past several years. The message was delivered in a press release and by France Margaret Bélanger.

“For seven years, the Montreal Canadiens have proudly supported the LGBTQIA+ community (…) We will continue our efforts to promote diversity and inclusion both within our organization and in our community.”

According to what the Journal de Montréal has learned, the CH will continue to hold its Pride evening and is currently considering other options to show its support for the LGBTQIA+ community.

It’s crazy to think that the unwillingness of some players to wear the jersey has won out over the majority who understand the importance of supporting the cause in this way.

Gary Bettman being who he is, he quickly decided to move on and no longer make the players wear the jerseys to avoid a “distraction”. That’s what he called them.

I wonder if Ivan Provorov had any idea that his decision would have a ripple effect on the NHL’s decision to abandon the practice.

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