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Journalist believes Carey Price should not have announced 5th pick

When Carey Price stepped forward to announce the Canadiens’ first-round pick on June 28, he froze. He couldn’t remember David Reinbacher’s name and only let out a “David… uh…” before being saved by Kent Hughes, who clearly announced Reinbacher’s name over the microphone, laughing.

It’s a funny scene, I must admit. We’ll even listen to it again for a few laughs.

Still, some people don’t find it funny at all. And one of them is Sports Illustrated and TSN reporter Michael Farber.

He appeared on TSN 690’s Melnick in the Afternoon on Tuesday, and decided to explain why the situation frustrates him.

“Members of the organization were smiling and laughing. I thought it was the ultimate lack of respect for (David Reinbacher). […] Why was Carey Price there?” – Michael Farber

Farber thinks it was a bad idea to let Price announce the choice. Yet he too was selected in the 5th round of his draft. It made sense. I really think it was a good idea to have Carey Price announce the pick.

He got carried away with his words and had stage fright, which is to be expected in front of a packed NHL arena.

And for the question of smiles and laughter. The members were happy to announce their choice and the situation Price created was very funny indeed.

I seriously think Farber is just bitching for the sake of bitching. If you don’t have another idea for a discussion a week after the incident, it’s pitiful.

Farber thinks the NHL should change its ways and let only the general manager announce the pick. That takes the magic out of the draft, in my opinion. When the young drafted player goes on stage, he’s sure to be happy to see several members of the organization excited about working with him.

It makes the moment more human.

You can listen to Michael Farber’s full segment on TSN 690, but be warned: there’s nothing positive in what he says. I’d like to see more people who are happy with the situation or know how to move on.

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