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Jacob Fowler was destined to become a CH player
Do you believe in destiny? The Fowler family has good reason to believe. In an interview with TVA Sports reporter Anthony Martineau, the father of Canadiens prospect Jacob Fowler, Jay, revealed that his son has loved the CH since the age of one!

Martineau called the goalie’s parents to talk about his childhood, and he wasn’t disappointed with the answers.

When he was just 13 months old, Jacob was celebrating Christmas with his family and had a whole host of toys to play with. But he decided to play with a Canadien mini-hockey stick.

According to Jay Fowler, Jacob and the stick couldn’t be separated. He carried it everywhere and played only with it.

Just over 17 years later, the Canadiens selected Jacob Fowler 69th overall (3rd round) in the 2023 NHL Entry Draft.

Another coincidence: Jacob Fowler’s grandfather married a Quebec woman in the 90s. This allowed Jacob’s father to visit Quebec, and he fell in love with the place. So much so that he confessed to Anthony Martineau that he would join his son in La Belle Province when he played professionally.

Jay Fowler confirmed to TVA Sports that he will live in Montreal for more than 6 months a year if his son finds a regular position with the Canadiens.

We hope so!

He loves Quebec, especially for the snow and the fact that it has an outdoor skating rink in winter. Born in Florida, the Fowler family has never been fortunate enough to have such a facility at home.

On top of all this, we’ve already told you, but Jacob Fowler really seems to love Montreal. He had a good development camp and impressed many journalists with his interview answers, not least because of his ease.

We’re all very eager to see what the future holds for the goalkeeper, but we’ll have to be patient. It would be realistic to see him spend the next two years in the NCAA, before getting his chance in the AHL with the Rocket.

Fowler has what it takes to have a good NHL career. But he needs to keep up the good work if he’s ever to wear the team colors on his mini-hockey stick.

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