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Corey Perry and his Chicago contract: I thought he wanted to win
Yesterday, the Chicago Blackhawks made a move. They acquired the rights to Corey Perry, who was just days away from enjoying full autonomy after two years in Tampa Bay.

And the Hawks succeeded. They gave him four million dollars (for one year) and the contract was official.

Four million dollars over one year is four times more per year than he was making in Tampa. After his stint in Montreal, he signed for two years at a total of $2 million.

It’s a good amount for a player who has made cash in his career.

What’s important to know is that Chicago is going all out to surround Connor Bedard. After Taylor Hall and Nick Foligno, here comes another veteran, and I’m sure he’ll have a major impact on the young man.

Cole Caufield and Nick Suzuki can testify to this.

It took a lot of money to convince him to sign in town. And it wasn’t just to reach the salary floor that it was done, since the club could have reached it otherwise.

After all, no one else in a league where the salary cap has barely risen since the pandemic could (or would, in fact) offer him that kind of money, in my opinion.

Playing with Connor Bedard attracts people… making money too… but Perry will be playing with one of the worst clubs in the league.

What fascinates me most about all this is that Perry’s goal has always been to win another Stanley Cup after the one he won early in his career in Anaheim.

In fact, since leaving Anaheim four years ago, he has lost to Tampa Bay in the finals under the Stars’ and Canadiens’ colors. Then, when he signed with Tampa Bay, he lost in the finals to Denver and in the first round to Toronto.

So, Mr. Series didn’t win his second Cup… and he won’t this year.

Why won’t he? Because even if you told me he wouldn’t finish the year in Chicago, I’d have a hard time believing you. After all, even at 50% of salary at the deadline, I don’t know if any club is going to want to take on a contract like that. The league is getting more and more accountable, don’t forget…

I think he shot himself in the foot for a contract. That’s fine if that’s what he wants… but I thought he wanted to earn more than anything else?

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