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Élizabeth Rancourt shot Marc Denis and Max Domi

Over the past few days, Élizabeth Rancourt has been the talk of the town. During her appearance on the Solemn podcast, she wasn’t afraid to speak out against Carey Price, for example.

You can see the result here.

It’s also worth noting that Price wasn’t the only person to incur the host’s wrath: Marc Denis and Max Domi were also targeted by the TVA Sports employee.

The case of Marc Denis is fascinating because of its context.

When she was asked about someone in the business who was playing a game to look good, she named Marc Denis, whom she likes a lot and who does a good job in her eyes. Lucky her.

Élizabeth Rancourt discussed the way he talks on air.

I understand that he wants to speak well, and it’s important to speak well. But sometimes you have to tone down your vocabulary so that people understand you properly.

You don’t have to be perfect. We want to feel that you’re a former player. – Élizabeth Rancourt on Marc Denis

She went on to say that she prefers someone with less vocabulary, but who brings emotion to the conversation. She also defended her colleagues at TVA Sports, who have less vocabulary because they’re former field hockey players.

Here’s the excerpt where she talks about Marc Denis.

I think it’s important to remember that Denis is a former NHL player who took lessons to perfect his craft. Shouldn’t that be highlighted in the discussion?

Max Domi also drew the host’s ire.

@solemn.podcast You can tell Max Domi doesn’t like the media #qc #quebec #montreal #scoop #canadiens #canadiensmtl #maxdomi ♬ its original – Solemn

In reality, Domi’s case is different since the player was really known to be hated by the media – especially the French-language media, for whom the player… er… had little regard. I’ll say it the same way.

But let’s just say that the guest on the Solemn podcast had a lot to say.


I don’t know why she decided to open up like that about all these subjects. She has the right to do so and she works in the media, which means she knows the impact of her words…

The questions were brought up in an interesting way to put the guests at ease (I use the plural because it’s not a first for the boys of the podcast), but let’s just say that a little restraint might have helped.

But why?

Because it’s often in these podcasts that we learn more about people’s true nature. And in this case, I’m not convinced she managed to win people over.

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