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CH unveils list of 37 players invited to development camp
The Canadiens will hold their annual development camp next week. Activities kick off on Sunday and conclude on Tuesday with an exhibition game.

Who are the players invited to this year’s camp, you ask?

And I’ll be happy to tell you.

Basically, the forwards are: Owen Beck, Blake Biondi, Jared Davidson, Isaac Dufort, Filip Eriksson, Cédrick Guindon, Riley Kidney, Riley McKay, Filip Mesar, Rhett Pitlick, Vinzenz Rohrer, Joshua Roy, Gabriel Seger, Xavier Simoneau, Ty Smilanic, Jack Smith, Luke Tuch, William Vote and Florian Xhekaj.

Defense: Jérémie Bucheler, Francesco Dell’Elce, Adam Engström, Lane Hutson, Logan Mailloux, Luke Mittelstadt, Petteri Nurmi, John Parker-Jones, David Reinbacher, Jayden Struble, Miguël Tourigny, Charle Truchon and William Trudeau.

And finally, as for the goalies… we’re talking about Emmett Croteau, Jakub Dobes, Jacob Fowler, Quentin Miller and Samuel Urban:

This means that David Reinbacher, Jacob Fowler ,Florian Xhekaj, Quentin Miller, Filip Eriksson and Luke Mittelstadt, all drafted by the CH in the last few days, will be in town to demonstrate their skills.

Reinbacher has already arrived, having jumped on the Bell Complex ice earlier today. Recent CH picks Sam Harris, Bogdan Konyushkov and Yevgeni Volokhin will not be attending the camp.

Remember that this is the only way to see university players and some pros in Europe, as they don’t usually come to camp.

NCAA players never attend training camp, and only the Europeans with a chance of making the club come in September to try and carve out a place in the team’s line-up.

Obviously, Beck, Mailloux, Mesar and Hutson will be the ones to watch, as they are among the organization’s most promising prospects. It will also be interesting to take a look at Reinbacher, of course.

In the end, we realize that the Russian players won’t have a chance to attend camp, and that’s a bit of a shame. We also note the absence of Juraj Slafkovsky…

Is he still struggling with pain from the injury he sustained in January?

It’s worth asking.

This is usually an interesting camp. Fans get to see the organization’s top prospects play, and the kids usually try to showcase their skills.

It usually makes for a good show. And I’m not worried about that happening again this year.


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