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David Reinbacher skates for the first time in a CH uniform

Fans didn’t have to wait long to see David Reinbacher skate for the first time in a CH uniform.

This morning, he jumped onto the ice at the Complexe Belle in Brossard… And the kid looks great.

He took the opportunity to stretch his legs after a hectic last week:

Note that he’s wearing number 23 in the video posted by the Canadiens on Twitter…

But let’s not forget that number 23, which once belonged to Bob Gainey, is in the heights of the Bell Centre right now.

It’s just too early for him to be given a real number. It will probably be done at training camp.

Obviously, Reinbacher didn’t arrive in a hurry this morning to put on his equipment and jump on the ice. He was definitely given a guided tour of the team’s facilities at the Bell Complex, and I imagine the organization will bring him to the Bell Centre to do the same.

It’s a good deal, by the way. We want to accomodate him in his new environment in the best possible way… And he’ll be familiar with amphitheatres when he shows up for rookie camp and training camp, which begins later.

It’s also worth noting that the Canadiens will be holding a development camp starting on Sunday, and Reinbacher should be there.

The youngsters will have training sessions on Sunday and Monday. They’ll end their camp with an exhibition game on Tuesday morning at 11am:

I can’t wait to see him play in real life. Yes, it’s cool to watch taps and highlights on YouTube and Twitter…

But it’s not the same thing. One thing’s for sure, though: I already like how he looks in the Flanelle’s blue, white and red uniform, though.

In a gaggle

– Matt Duchene doesn’t know what he’s in for.

– Blake Wheeler would like to play in the Eastern Conference.

– Penalties aren’t huge.

– This will be number 80 in Los Angeles for PLD.

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